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Pitocin Induced Birth

This is a good article on one woman's experience with pit induced birth.


I should have stayed away but I didn't....

I know I should have stayed away from the pregnant message board, but it seems I cannot resist. It is hard for me to see posts/comments on seemingly unnecessary inductions, and c-sections and not comment. It is absolutely mind boggling how many people blindly trust their doctors. Sure, I am not saying do not trust your doctor, but do not blindly put all your faith into them and feel like they can do no wrong and their opinion is the only right one.

I am a little peeved right now over someone's comment on my comment about labor no longer being natural once induction occurs. It is not. That is all there is to it. This is my opinion and I stand by it. Once pit is introduced, your contractions are no longer natural as they would be if labor started on its own. They are a ton harder to deal with, and I can only liken it to being run over repeatedly and not being able to stand up again before you are run over again. Still I am not going to comment back to the poster, because I am not starting a fight over there, it would be largely unproductive I am sure, and just peeve me further.

Not to mention once induction occurs, you will be on constant EFM and IVs. Then of course it is hard to walk around and so you will wind up on your back for your labor. Pit can also really distress the baby, because the uterus is contracting unnaturally.

Now on to c-sections, if your doctor is telling you your pelvis looks to small to birth a baby, or because you have not dilated or effaced at all prior to labor you must have a c-section, he or she is full of it. This c-section talk seems to happen a lot around major holidays....

I have been through two induced births and one c-section, and they sucked. Big Time. It has been especially upsetting to know if I had been in different care from my OB last time, I could have possibly avoided my major abdominal surgery of a c-section.

Long overdue update

I have updated my journal! I thought the theme I chose was really pretty with my fav color of "purple" until I see that it has drawings of a hand in a jar, eyeballs in a jar, and a lizard in a jar. It looks weird and perhaps ritualistic. Anyway, I am feeling the need to unload a little.

I am currently looking for a job and feel slightly depressed. I cannot find a thing! Or rather I apply and do not get any responses back. It seems like I am either overqualified for the jobs or unqualified. I think I would like to work in a bank, I just have not got any responses back so far. I DO NOT want to work in retail again. I am so done with it.

I have just started a little preschool program for my two older children. I hope that I have my son prepared for kindergarten next year. I would have sent him to preschool this year if cost and distance had been easier.

Loads and Loads of Snow

We just got a load of snow today. I think it is over 20 inches by now. The snow if very beautiful and all that good stuff, BUT all I can see is an icy prison. I have not been able to leave the house since Monday and this day was the day I was going to be able to leave the house again, but no did not happen.



I am trying to not feel so "blah" but I still feel blah. I do not like winter. It is not very enjoyable for me. I do not like the interminable darkness, rather grayness.

It is just so hard for me to be stuck in the house all day. If we do not get our van soon I may go insane. I feel like I am on house arrest. I also miss my husband, he has to work all day and into the night. ::sigh::


Days like today...

::Sigh:: It is days like today that I want to go back to work. I am feeling sort of depressed, which is much better than terribly depressed. ;) I want to socialize with adults! I need some grown up people to talk to, that are not under the age of five. Don't get me wrong I totally love my family but sometimes I want a change from staying home.

We still do not have a van yet, so it is impossible for me to leave the house, because I would have to leave one of my very young children at home, so that is out. I probably at this point go out once a week, and I am the type of person who likes to go out everyday. There is nothing really in walking distance here and at our new house it is the same situation.

I hope there are some really cool ladies in my new subdivision I can become friends with.

I actually looked up two people I used to know on FB, I haven't even spoken to them since 2004, we did not have a falling out or anything but rather drifted apart. I will admit in the past I have been terrible about keeping in touch with people. Anyway, I sent one a message and I will see if she replies.

This is kind of funny, but sometimes when I am bored I will look up people I used to know, from all parts of my life, even down to elementary school. What is really funny is that people I have known, lets say 99% have acheived great success at least professionally. So apparently knowing me, will bring people financial success. ;)

I have settled on "cynical" for my mood, which is actually between "cynical/depressed/sad/and wry. haha ;)

Kind of Irritated

I feel kind of irritated. I was reading a comment in another journal that seemed somwhat condescending to women who choose to be stay at home moms, "barefoot and pregnant" was actually in the comment.

UGH! As most SAHMs know being a stay at home mom is hard work! I have never worked so hard in my life as being a SAHM. As a matter of fact sometimes I would love to go back to work to get a break, (and work was retail on my feet dealing with customer complaints, etc.) It is hard work to raise decent human beings and should not be considered inferior to "professional careers".

As I work to finish my education I may work at least part-time outside of the home again, but whatever I do professionally will never give me so much satisfaction as my family. I am fortunate to be married to someone who recognizes and respects my important place in the family, and does not believe I do "nothing all day."

BTW If the poster in the other journal knew anything about being pregnant, being barefoot is actually the best, because pregnant feet can swell up something awful. ;) j/k

Okay, here I go...

It is now time for me to start losing my pregnancy weight, or I should say three pregnancies worth of weight. Well, actually I weigh less now than when I became pregnant with my third, still the weight has got to go. So I will hopefully, stick to my diet plan tomorrow. The problem isn't so much eating less, it is what I am eating. I just snack all day, because it is hard for me to get an uninterrupted meal. Trust me it is not fun to have to eat, when there is a screaming baby or demanding toddlers, usually I get both.

The New Rainbow Brite

So Rainbow Brite has been changed just like Strawberry Shortcake was recently. This makes me feel sad! There was nothing wrong with Rainbow Brite, she looked so cute. I loved the Rainbow Brite toys and show when I was little. I have no idea why they were re-vamped, not every doll needs to look like Barbie. The new Rainbow Brite brand has also gotten rid of the boy Rainbow charecters and the lone black one. All ridiculous.

Just saw this group

I just came across this LJ group called "Unsent Letters". The basic story of this group is to write letters you would never send. This got me thinking about a letter, that I wrote and  was debating whether or not it should remain unsent and I actually sent it. The letter was to my former best friend, and I sent it in Oct. 2006. The friend had ended our friendship in May 2003.  Without getting into too many details she ended our friendship because she did not like the person I had become, she thought I had changed so much, because of my religion. I guess I thought at the time she had not changed enough and just wanted to be a negative person and not help herself to be happy in whatever way she could.

Anyway, I had always hoped that she would become my friend again. I guess I thought we would find our way back together. We had been friends for so very long, 12 years as a matter of fact, friends through childhood and young adulthood. It really, hurt the way she ended our friendship. She just wrote me a note ending our friendship and returned some books I had lent her. She did not even end our friendship to my face...she gave the books and note to my mom. It was so cowardly of her to do it this way, but to be fair I was cowardly in not opening up to her more about how my life was going then.

So time passed and I wanted so much to contact her, especially when she sent me an annoucement that her first novel had been published, but I did not know if I should respond. Did she send me the annoucement to rub her success in my face? Or did she send it, because she knew I would be proud of her. (I was.) I still have the announcement in my purse, because I could not bear to throw it away.

I really missed her and in 2006 I finally wrote her an email telling her I missed her and how I had thought of her as family and was hoping we could be friends again, and I got the most cold response ever! It was kind of like a letter from an insurance company denying patient care, because it was not in their plan.

I am glad I wrote the letter though and sent it, at least I got to have answered the "what if" question. Which is, "What if I had reached out to this person?" would things have been different?

So I guess there are some letters that should not be sent, but I think most should be sent. You never know how someone will respond to you unless you tell them.