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Days like today...

::Sigh:: It is days like today that I want to go back to work. I am feeling sort of depressed, which is much better than terribly depressed. ;) I want to socialize with adults! I need some grown up people to talk to, that are not under the age of five. Don't get me wrong I totally love my family but sometimes I want a change from staying home.

We still do not have a van yet, so it is impossible for me to leave the house, because I would have to leave one of my very young children at home, so that is out. I probably at this point go out once a week, and I am the type of person who likes to go out everyday. There is nothing really in walking distance here and at our new house it is the same situation.

I hope there are some really cool ladies in my new subdivision I can become friends with.

I actually looked up two people I used to know on FB, I haven't even spoken to them since 2004, we did not have a falling out or anything but rather drifted apart. I will admit in the past I have been terrible about keeping in touch with people. Anyway, I sent one a message and I will see if she replies.

This is kind of funny, but sometimes when I am bored I will look up people I used to know, from all parts of my life, even down to elementary school. What is really funny is that people I have known, lets say 99% have acheived great success at least professionally. So apparently knowing me, will bring people financial success. ;)

I have settled on "cynical" for my mood, which is actually between "cynical/depressed/sad/and wry. haha ;)