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Okay, the gist of the article  http://news.aol.com/article/mom-boyfriend-indicted-in-boys-death/630563?icid=main|welcome|dl1|link5|http%3A%2F%2Fnews.aol.com%2Farticle%2Fmom-boyfriend-indicted-in-boys-death%2F630563   that a woman let her boyfriend torture and beat her eight year old son. This treatment ultimately led to this child's death, which they both tried to cover up, but authorities found the boy's body.

Anyway, I hope the sorry mother gets the death penalty along with her sorry boyfriend. Any mother that allows some dumb man to harm her child is just as guilty as he is.


David Eddings is dead

Okay, I found out rather belatedly today that David Eddings is dead and has been dead since June 2, 2009. I feel so sad about it, really depressed. I remember I discovered his wonderful books when I was twelve years old and had recently discovered the worlds that fantasy fiction had to offer.

The first book I read from his was from the Elenium Series: The Diamond Throne.  I had bought the book from the used bookstore and I will admit a lot of the reason I bought it was the fantastic cover art, it had a kind of shimmer to it. I was entralled by Eddings thereafter. I especially loved his brave knight Sparhawk, who was not the typical young handsome warrior but was older and probably not handsome to most. I also loved the young thief Talen who to me defined everafter what a thief in a book should be like.


Writer's Block: Memo to Myself

If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?
I would tell my younger self, GO TO COLLEGE, at age 18! It is a lot harder to go to school in your 20s with children, marriage, and a job. I would also tell my younger self ,to travel and have fun. Lastly, I would tell my younger self to buy a house or condo, then sell it at the height of the real estate boom.

Livin' back home

Okay, so w e are living with my parents now. So much FUN. ;) We have very different lifestyles and it is going to be so hard to have a new baby into the mix. I really cannot stand all the animals they have here, they have sooooooooooooo many it is like I am in a zoo. As a matter of fact my sister (who also lives here!) works in a zoo. I mean I do not hate animals, but if I wanted to live in the animal kingdom I would pitch a tent in the woods.

I really want to get back to work after the baby comes. I really need  a break from the kids sometimes. It is nice to have a steady paycheck as well.

I want just a little good news...

All I want is just a little bit of good news, to mitigate all the stuff I am gotng through. I am getting more upset day by day.  I hope my insurance goes through this week, it is a pain to have to wait and wait for it. I may as well go and give birth in a field somewhere.

Stressed out

I am so stressed right now, I do not even want to think about moving! But, we have till July 1st to leave this condo, and then we will have to live with my parents. I do not think we will be able to find a house in time. I feel so depressed over it. I try and think about people who have it worse than we do, but all this accomplishes is to make me feel guilty in addition to stressed.

I am starting to feel more of the joy of pregnancy. Remember breakfast how it tasted? No, you don't? Well I do, as I can still taste my Cheerios three hours after the fact, because it feels like they will not continue their digestive destination. blah.

Still have a cold

Yuck! I still have my cold. At least I am regaining my sense of taste/smell. What fun is it to eat, if you cannot taste? I feel bored and sleepy. I need to start looking at some more houses in a little bit. We have to be moved out of here by July 1st, which completely stinks.  At least when we move, my husband's commute should be easier.


I have a cold..... Thank God it is not a miserable cold, but any cold is not a good cold. I cannot taste a thing! I hope it will pass soon.

My husband's new compnay offers really stinky insurance, we are now seeing if we can get an individual policy, but I am not sure if all insurance carriers will consider my pregnancy  a pre-existing condition.

On a more happy note I am now 24w2d pregnant! :) I am starting to get some more aches and pains. I need to start working out with my Wii again.

Sims 3

I am kind of excited, I just found out The Sims 3 is coming out! :) I have not played the Sims in almost  1 yr 1/2. I hope to pre-order my collectors edition copy. I really love the game, it is so nice having a world where everything is controlled, by me. ;)

My baby is doing well, I will be 23 weeks tomorrow. Now, I have the dilemma of whether or not I should take another class, if I do the class ends 8-10 and I am due 9-5. I do not know if this is cutting it to close, especially with all we have going on right now.

So upset

I keep reading about that poor little three year old  boy who was abducted in CA. I just found out the abductors told the mother they were going to kill the boy. It is so very horrible. The little boy is my son's age and his little face is haunting me. I hope to God he is safe and sound and will be found alive. There are some sick bastards in this world. I hope that the abductors go straight to hell.

Edit: 5-17-09 Yay! Authorities found this precious boy alive in the border town of Mexicali. He appears unharmed. Thank God!