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Long overdue update

I have updated my journal! I thought the theme I chose was really pretty with my fav color of "purple" until I see that it has drawings of a hand in a jar, eyeballs in a jar, and a lizard in a jar. It looks weird and perhaps ritualistic. Anyway, I am feeling the need to unload a little.

I am currently looking for a job and feel slightly depressed. I cannot find a thing! Or rather I apply and do not get any responses back. It seems like I am either overqualified for the jobs or unqualified. I think I would like to work in a bank, I just have not got any responses back so far. I DO NOT want to work in retail again. I am so done with it.

I have just started a little preschool program for my two older children. I hope that I have my son prepared for kindergarten next year. I would have sent him to preschool this year if cost and distance had been easier.